Pump Tubing, Stannous Chloride Reagent Tubing, Black, (Pack of 12)

Pump Tubing, Stannous Chloride Reagent Tubing, Black, (Pack of 12)

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  • Pack of 12
  • Compatible with the QuickTrace M-7600 and M-8000

The peristaltic pump tubing has changed!  Read below:

The QuickTrace® peristaltic pump tubing may look slightly different due to a formulation and wall thickness change. The part numbers for replacement tubing have not changed as the new tubing is a drop-in replacement. 

Background Information:
Santoprene tubing formulation has hit obsolescence and the global supply has/is migrating to Pharmaprene.

With this change and extensive testing of the new formulation Teledyne Leeman Labs opted to discontinue thick walled tubing and implement standard wall thickness for the QuickTrace products. The switch to standard walled thickness allowed Teledyne Leeman Labs to keep pace with production and avoid any supply chain issues.

The new tubing is a drop-in replacement and the flows are the same as the tubing ID has not changed.

We highly recommend adjustment of the pump tension using the process described in the operator manual. The tension adjustment process will compensate for the slight variation in tubing OD. After the tension has been adjusted the liquid flow will match your historical flows.

Note: It is important to note that proper tension is key to long lived performance of any peristaltic pump tube.