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Teledyne Leeman Labs

One Year Consumables Kit, M-8000

One Year Consumables Kit, M-8000


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  • The One Year Consumables Kit is intended as a consumable starter kit. The kit contains:
    • Nut, 1/16 ID, ¼-28 (Qty 3)
    • Flangeless ferrule, 1/16 ID (Qty 3)
    • Barbed drain tee, 3/32 ID (Qty 4)
    • Mix tee fitting, smaller barb, 1/16, front and side position (Qty 10)
    • Mix tee fitting, larger barb, 3/32, top position (Qty 10)
    • Stannous chloride reagent capillary (30 in)
    • Waste tubing (72 in)
    • Silicone sleeves, used for Capillary inlet or GLS drain tube (5 in)
    • Double black tab pump tubing, stannous chloride reagent uptake tubing (Qty 24)
    • Double yellow tab pump tubing, Sample/Rinse uptake and drain tubing (Qty 72)
    • Enclosure transfer tubing (36 in)
    • Clamp, used to hold carbon probe in autosampler arm (Qty 1)
    • Nut, used to hold carbon probe in autosampler arm (Qty 1)
    • Nafion Dryer (Qty 2)
    • Capillary inlet, top GLS port (Qty 12)
    • Liquid mix line, connects top of mix tee to capillary inlet (Qty 12)
    • GLS Drain tube, connect GLS drain port to barbed drain tee (Qty 12)
    • 1.0mm ID Sample probe (Qty 1)

NOTE: If analyzing less than 200 samples per week the kit should last approximately one year. Teledyne Leeman Labs is not responsible or liable if the kit does not meet customer's expected life cycle.

  • Compatible with the QuickTrace M-8000
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